BILLY ANDERSON- As the lead singer for “Open Bar”, Billy is handing out all the drinks and notes as Head Bartender. When Billy’s not keeping your “glass full” with his amazing voice he is co-owner of a cleaning business. After you hear him sing you’ll be asking us “when is the next time you’re playing”? He will blow you away!
GORDIE BARRETT - “Shot for Shot” – Gordie gets it done. During the day this mild mannered guy drives the BIG RIGS, but at night he transforms into the high flying, electrifying, lead guitarist for “Open Bar”. This crazed lunatic will have you jumping up and down with his guitar solos. Watch out, you never know when this guy may be on the table behind you.
Steve Barmash - "New Bassist for OBB"
Steve Barmash grew up in Flushing, NY. He attended Jamaica High School where he was a cellist for the All-New York City High School Orchestra, and then he earned a BS Degree from SUNY @ Albany and a MPA Degree from Rockefeller College. After college, Steve worked his way up through the ranks to become the Director of Information Technology Business Solutions for the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Steve’s prior bands include The Impalas, The Nomads, The A La Carte Show, Oz, the Michael Packer Blues Band, The Kix Band, and E’Town Express. Steve currently also performs with the Seasons Change Trio and resides in Niskayuna, NY.
And then there’s “Boner”.
BYRON PEREGRIM - Pounding out the backbone beat for “OpenBar”night after night. Boner’s got the best meat in town so it’s said. But that’s because I own Byron’s Market in Schuylerville and the Cambridge Village Market. (But where did the nickname come from?)
 I’m ready to get you dancing to the beat and keep you dancing all night long. Since an early age I’ve always listened to a wide range of music, from country to classical to bluegrass to reggae, to almost anything but love to listen to good old Rock n Roll. All time favorite group is AC/DC with “Shook me all night long” being my favorite song as you can tell when seeing OBB. I’m a self-taught drummer starting my music career in the summer of “99”. Having never picked up a pair of drumsticks until then. I helped start my first band, playing drums for three years then took an 8-month layoff. Missing the excitement and adrenalin rush of playing out in front of people I decided the time was right to start my own band. Along with Steve we started what is known as OBB.
If you love a great time, “OpenBar” is the band to see. Book them today!!!